Seagriculture Speaker

Seagriculture USA

6 - 7 September 2023

Portland, ME, USA

We are building innovative seaweed processing and harvesting solutions!

Huibert-Jan Zweemer, Process Advisor & Project Manager, Murre Technologies, The Netherlands

About the speaker:

Huibert-Jan is the process advisor for the seaweed-industry. With his technical background he is able to give our clients tailored advice towards a turn-key solution.

Company info: 


Murre Technologies is a Dutch company established by Jan Murre in 1987. Since then, Murre Technologies has been active in the seafood-, fruit-, and vegetable-industry. We supply total solutions on a turn-key basis. Our focus lies on innovative solutions for the food-industry. We are almost 7 years involved in the R&D and manufacturing of seaweed processing equipment.


Murre Technologies is nowadays highly involved in the seaweed processing business. We really are aware of the fact that global demand for seaweed is rising rapidly, and most likely will continue to flourish in the coming years. This has provided a unique opportunity for sustainable growth of the aquaculture sector.

That is why we are so proud to announce we’ve successfully delivered a complete seaweed processing line to The Seaweed Company Ireland. This is one step further into developing a large-scale cultivation of seaweed whilst contributing to an innovative, economical way of processing such large-scale cultivation of seaweed.