Seagriculture USA

11 - 12 September 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

We would like to express our gratitude and appreciation to the sponsors of Seagriculture USA 2023:

Exclusive Event Sponsor

Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD)

DECD and its partners work collaboratively to support business development through available resources that Maine has to offer. From millions of dollars in tax credits, reimbursements, research and development credits, to capital loans and even direct investment. Every year DECD helps Maine communities attract new investment, create jobs, and grow their infrastructure with unique programs.

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Maine Office of Tourism

Exclusive Event Sponsor

Maine Technology Institute (MTI)

The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is an industry-led, publicly funded nonprofit organization whose mission is to stimulate the growth of technology-intensive companies that create quality jobs across the state. Funded directly through DECD, MTI offers capital and commercialization assistance, loans, and grants, partnering to finance technology development projects as well as collaborative activities to strengthen Maine’s high-potential technology clusters. MTI also administers the Maine Technology Asset Fund, the State’s $53 million bond program boosting research and economic development across Maine.

Exclusive Event Sponsor

Maine International Trade Center (MITC)

The Maine International Trade Center (MITC) is DECD’s official international trade and investment office, a public-private partnership supported by the contributions of member companies and the state. MITC provides technical assistance, trade counseling and workshops, import and export leads, and international credit reports, as well as organizing and facilitating international trade shows and missions abroad.

Platinum Sponsor

Norfolk Green Ventures

Norfolk Green Ventures (NGV) is committed to helping seaweed reach its full potential. They believe seaweed will be the most transformative crop of our lifetime and poses solutions for some of the world’s most challenging problems. 

Their strategy is to identify and invest in great ideas, exceptional people, and quality assets. Given their extensive network and deep expertise, their goal is to expedite the growth of these businesses and empower these entrepreneurs to build world-class seaweed companies. They currently have 11 diverse companies in their portfolio and are always looking to invest in new, exciting, and transformative ideas. 

For more information about investment strategies please visit their website: www.norfolkgreenventures.com or contact them at contact@norfolkgreenventures.com.

Gold Sponsor

North American Kelp

North American Kelp has been a trusted source for responsibly and sustainably harvested seaweed products for over 50 years. They have focused on harvesting Ascophyllum nodosum from their coastline to produce high-quality kelp meals, soluble powders, and liquid extracts. They have been harvesting the same seaweed beds since the company started in 1971. Many of these sectors are within an hour of their facility. The short time between harvest and processing means that their kelp products maintain their integrity and freshness while being minimally processed.

Their products are primarily utilized within the agricultural markets as ingredients for livestock feeds, fertilizers, soil amendments and composts, and wastewater treatment. The versatility and uses for Ascophyllum has increased over the years, and they are excited to be a part of the growth of the seaweed industry.

This is their second year participating in the Seagriculture USA conference. It was an incredible experience to meet and talk with other seaweed operations across the world. They hope to have another wonderful experience during this year’s conference. They look forward to seeing what the past year held for their counterparts in the industry, and what the future holds in the coming years.

Gold Sponsor
Ocean Rainforest

Ocean Rainforest is a pioneering blue growth company located in the Faroe Islands and in California, USA. They offer a collection of seaweed products, mostly for feed, food and cosmetic producers, as well as take part in research projects with a number of different partners.

Their inbuilt focus on research and innovation enables them to develop world-class cultivation methods - making them Europe's leading seaweed cultivator and a pioneer in the industry.

Their team shares the same values of passion, teamwork and pioneering, and through a diverse set of skills and years of combined experience, they continue to explore the potential of this versatile sea plant to meet growing market demand.

Their purpose is to improve people’s wellbeing and to make a unique contribution to our blue planet. They do this by applying science, innovation and expertise, to grow premium quality seaweed for their target customer segments. 


Silver Sponsor
Murre Technologies

Murre Technologies has been supplying the EasyFarm system with which mussel seed cultivation is possible, for almost 20 years. Seaweed cultivation and processing is their next development. Murre Technologies is building a harvester that harvests the seaweed from the cultivation nets in the sea. Sowing seaweed is also part of the EasyFarm concept, which is why they supply the complete system for harvesting and sowing the seaweed. They have also developed a seaweed bubble washer to sort the sand and undersized waste such as crustaceans from the product during the washing process. The system is equipped with separation rollers for this, the washing water is continuously filtered through a separator drum. To reduce the iodine content, they use a blanching/cooling system.

In short, they are your partner in seaweed harvesting and processing!

Silver Sponsor

Founded in 2008, the Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA) is exploring next-generation core technologies via fundamental research discoveries that enable breakthrough applications for a sustainable mobility society. TRINA is building the foundation for Toyota’s advanced product development through in-house research plus collaborative efforts with both internal and external partners across North America which has resulted in more than 1,200 granted patents and numerous high impact publications since inception.

Silver Sponsor
The Roux Institute at Northeastern University

The Roux Institute at Northeastern University, located Portland, Maine, serves as an engine of innovation, talent–building, and economic growth for Portland, the state of Maine, and northern New England. Designed with partnerships in mind from day one, the Roux Institute creates programs that prepare the workforce to stay agile and thrive in a competitive landscape of emerging technology. Offering high-tech graduate and customized learning programs targeting in-demand fields like computer and data science, bioengineering, data analytics and project management, the Roux Institute introduces experiential learning for real-world impact. Part of Northeastern University, an R1 global research university, the Roux Institute focuses on applied research in artificial intelligence, computational medicine and life sciences, human-data interaction and engineering. The Roux Institute is also focused on helping launch and grow startups through education and experience, venture creation and acceleration and community support. Together with their partner network, the Roux Institute is creating an innovation corridor that will stretch from Boston to Portland and beyond.  

Cocktail Reception Sponsor


FocusMaine is a statewide economic development organization that works to create quality jobs and build a thriving workforce. With an emphasis on innovation and future readiness, FocusMaine works in partnerships to accelerate Maine’s food economy and bioeconomy. Together, they are generating opportunity and prosperity for Maine’s people, businesses, and communities. For more information, visit www.focusmaine.org.

Cocktail Reception Sponsor

SEA Maine

SEA Maine, or the Seafood Economic Accelerator for Maine, is an industry-led initiative bringing together leaders in Maine’s commercial fishing, aquaculture, seafood and marine economy. Funded by the U.S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration, with match funding from the Maine Technology Institute and FocusMaine, the statewide initiative is developing a roadmap and action plan for economic growth, market and workforce development, and greater resiliency in Maine’s seafood economy.

The seafood that comes from Maine’s coastal waters and the Gulf of Maine, and the working waterfront communities along the coast, support thousands of good paying jobs and already contribute to the state’s $8 billion tourism industry.

Sponsor of Speakers' Gifts


Loliware, the fastest-growing, most sustainable seaweed resin company in the US, is replacing single-use plastics. This woman-owned firm is partnering with experts in regenerative aquaculture from Maine to New Zealand to expand the ‘blue economy’ with its proprietary SEATechnology® resins. Made from easily compostable seaweed, Loliware’s Seaweed Straws utensils and other products are already a favorite among some of the nation’s most famous chefs, restaurant chains and eco-chic hotels. Their new category of materials are “Designed to Disappear™" and advancing our planet to a plastic-free, decarbonized future.

Community Sponsor

New England Ocean Cluster

The New England Ocean Cluster's mission is to create value in the Blue Economy by discovering new opportunities for sustainable growth through connecting purpose-driven people and organizations. In June of 2020, the NEOC officially opened the Hús, its collaborative workspace located in the heart of Portland, Maine’s working waterfront. The building features 20 glass-front offices, a 14-desk work area, a cafe, and premium meeting spaces. The Hús, (Icelandic for House), now serves as the backbone for much of the NEOC's collaborative programming and an exciting gathering place for those active in the Blue Economy.

Community Sponsor


GreenWave works with coastal communities to create a blue green economy that ensures we all make a living on a living planet. Its farmer-led organization helps small- and medium-scale fishermen and shellfish growers integrate kelp into their businesses in a polyculture model known as regenerative ocean farming. GreenWave’s goal is to train 10,000 farmers and hatchery technicians by 2030, to catalyze the widespread adoption of regenerative ocean farming and yield meaningful climate, marine ecosystem, and economic impacts. GreenWave’s resources are intended to support the emerging industry as a whole, with priority given to the needs of fishermen, Indigenous groups, and other under-resourced coastal communities directly affected by climate change to ensure they benefit from the industry’s growth.

GreenWave launched an online Regenerative Ocean Farming Hub in April 2022 to accelerate resource sharing to a broad audience to rapidly expand adoption of the model. Hub components include an interactive farm design and budgeting tool; seed-to-harvest curriculum for new and experienced ocean farmers and kelp hatchery operators; a community forum to connect farmers, hatchery technicians, and other stakeholders to disseminate best practices; and Seaweed Source, a digital platform that connects regenerative ocean farmers and buyers.




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