Seagriculture USA

7-8 September 2022

Portland, ME, USA

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General Sponsors:

Maine Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD)

DECD and its partners work collaboratively to support business development through available resources that Maine has to offer. From millions of dollars in tax credits, reimbursements, research and development credits, to capital loans and even direct investment. Every year DECD helps Maine communities attract new investment, create jobs, and grow their infrastructure with unique programs.

Maine Technology Institute (MTI)

The Maine Technology Institute (MTI) is an industry-led, publicly funded nonprofit organization whose mission is to stimulate the growth of technology-intensive companies that create quality jobs across the state. Funded directly through DECD, MTI offers capital and commercialization assistance, loans, and grants, partnering to finance technology development projects as well as collaborative activities to strengthen Maine’s high-potential technology clusters. MTI also administers the Maine Technology Asset Fund, the State’s $53 million bond program boosting research and economic development across Maine.

Maine International Trade Center (MITC)

The Maine International Trade Center (MITC) is DECD’s official international trade and investment office, a public-private partnership supported by the contributions of member companies and the state. MITC provides technical assistance, trade counseling and workshops, import and export leads, and international credit reports, as well as organizing and facilitating international trade shows and missions abroad.

Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO)

The Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO) was formed in 2013 as an initiative of the Maine International Trade Center to increase trade, investment, and collaborative activity between the State of Maine and markets of the North Atlantic and to develop Maine’s engagement in Arctic affairs.

Arctic change will have a direct impact on Maine’s economy, coastline, and natural resources. MENADO develops strategic relationships throughout the region to ensure Maine’s place in the global conversation about the Arctic and empowers businesses in the state to leverage sustainable development opportunities. MENADO facilitates Arctic geopolitical and economic conversations as they relate to Maine interests and provides leadership and consultation with other states and communities wishing to enter the dialogue.



General Sponsors:





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