Seagriculture USA

11 - 12 September 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Clément Hochart, Founding Partner, SCOBY Collective, USA

About the speaker:

Clement Hochart is a serial entrepreneur who launched 7 impact organizations including one venture studio with 40% success rate from when he was running it. He is currently leading SCOBY Collective, to bring capacity to impact companies and NGOs. They join teams of entrepreneurs and change-makers as an institutional co-founder providing a fractional C-suite to help them grow.

Few things about Clement:

  • Serial entrepreneur working towards a better future for people - started six impact enterprises, exited one (circular economy venture.) 
  • Founder of two venture studios - SCOBY Collective (Global) and Jumanji Studio (Europe)
  • Global expertise across Europe, SE Asia, and LatAm.
  • Inspired to reimagine management through teal organizational principles, which embrace decentralized decision-making/self-management and seeing organizations as living entities
  • Originally from France, but belonging to the global, decentralized mindset and workspace



A growth venture studio acting as an institutional co-founder or a fractional c-suite, they are a collective of leaders, experts and entrepreneurs who join teams to give them super-powers by bringing the missing expertises and experience to grow a project or an organization more rapidly and in a healthy way.

They also invest in conscious entrepreneurs building regenerative organizations to reinvent the way humans benefit from nature and nature benefits from humans starting with the Oceans.

They investment is currently only in-kind but they are raising a VC fund to do capital investment in pre-seed and follow in seed and series A.