Seagriculture USA

11 - 12 September 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Learning by Doing – Advances in seaweed farm design

Clifford A. Goudey, Founder & Engineer, C.A. Goudey & Associates, USA

About speaker:

Cliff is the founder of C.A. Goudey & Associates, a consulting and research organization aimed at advancing methods of sustainably tapping the ocean’s resources. Over his career the focus has shifted from fisheries to finfish aquaculture to underwater vehicles, to marine renewable energy, with a current emphasis on macroalgae and shellfish farming.

Cliff grew up in Maine and his first paid job was raking sea moss in Casco Bay. He earned a BA in math from the University of Maine, Orono and served in the US Coast Guard. He has graduate degrees from MIT in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and in Mechanical Engineering.

When it comes to farm system design, the peculiarities of the local situation always is a strong influence in both optimal farm size and operation. Folding in those externalities and innovating when possible, makes for a winning outcome.


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C.A. Goudey & Associates brings an innovative approach to problem-solving on and under the ocean. They have led or been involved in recent NOAA and DOE sponsored research aimed at improving macroalgae farming through farm-system design improvements and the mechanization of seeding and harvest. They have established a subsidiary, TendOcean, LLC, as a way to introduce the resulting innovations into the marketplace and TendOcean™ farms and farm components can be found from Alaska, to the US East Coast, the Caribbean, and in Europe.


The presentation will share experiences in the design, deployment, and operation of various farm systems with an emphasis on cold-water kelps.