Seagriculture USA

11 - 12 September 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Jenn Brown, Founder & CEO, Foraged & Found, USA

About the speaker:

Jenn Brown, founder and CEO of Foraged & Found, is a leading advocate for sustainable mariculture and innovative food products. With a background in global marketing and a deep passion for culinary arts and environmental stewardship, Jenn has devoted her career to creating delicious, nutritious foods that benefit both people and the planet. Drawing on her experiences in the global corporate world, as a private chef, and her profound connection to Alaska's unspoiled wilderness, Jenn brings a unique perspective to the intersection of food and sustainability. 



Foraged & Found is a women-owned and operated company specializing in delicious, nutrient-rich foods made from sustainably sourced ingredients from Alaska's pristine waters.Foraged & Found is committed to promoting the health of both people and the planet by harnessing the natural bounty of the ocean to create innovative and nourishing food products. From bullwhip kelp pickles to sea asparagus pesto, every product is crafted with care and a commitment to health and environmental consciousness. Foraged & Found believes that food should not only taste good but also do good, and they are proud to lead the way towards a more sustainable and delicious future.