Seagriculture Speaker

Seagriculture USA

6 - 7 September 2023

Portland, ME, USA

The beauty of seaweed

Michele Gilfoil, Founder & President, Planet Botanicals, USA

About the speaker:

Michele Gilfoil is passionate about making a long-term sustainable impact in the lives of Mainers and beyond. Her eco-conscious mission is rooted in Maine where she grew up, and she spent much of her time at the ocean where seaweed grows in abundance.

Michele’s vision for natural skin care line was driven in part by her own struggle to find products without synthetic and harmful ingredients. So, she decided to make her own. While working as a banker in New York City, she traveled to Africa and discovered the healthy properties of shea butter from a women’s cooperative. This became the basis of her initial products which soon launched at Henry Bendel in NYC and Whole Foods.

After moving back to Maine, Michele soon discovered the multiple benefits of seaweed for the skin and its environmental benefits for the ocean as a renewable resource. She formulated her first product, the Seaweed Dream Cream, which quickly received rave reviews from friends and family because of its hydrating and soothing effects on the skin. Thus, the “Seaweed Beauty” Collection was born and is now found in multiple retailers in the US.

Michele is focused on building her company into a global brand and educating her consumers about the wonderful benefits of Maine Seaweed. She is inspired by working with Maine seaweed harvesters and supporting a healthy environment through her products. She believes that together with the growers and harvesters of her ingredients and the consumers that use her products we can all make the world a better place.

Company info: 

Planet Botanicals is a Maine-based all-natural skincare company that produces high quality plant-based skincare using ingredients sourced from sustainable seaweed harvesters in Maine and growers around the world. Planet Botanicals was recognized as a Top 10 Indie Beauty brand for its Seaweed Beauty Collection at the Indie Beauty Trade show in New York City. Planet Botanicals products are sold in gift shops, natural foods stores and specialty shops in the US.


Planet Botanicals is an award-winning all-natural skincare company renowned for its Seaweed BeautyTM Skincare Collection. Seaweed, with its abundance of vitamins and bioactive ingredients, holds tremendous potential for skincare applications. The presentation will emphasize the various benefits of seaweed as a crucial ingredient for maintaining healthy skin.

The talk will delve into the key compounds found in seaweed, focusing on hydrating, nourishing, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging compounds. These aspects of seaweed possess remarkable properties that can be harnessed for skincare products. By incorporating these seaweed compounds, Planet Botanicals aims to leverage the science of seaweed to provide products that have a positive impact on the skin.

Planet Botanicals’ Seaweed BeautyTM Collection is aptly named as seaweed is not only beneficial for the skin but also promotes environmental sustainability and contributes to the economy of Maine, where our seaweed is harvested. Planet Botanicals is deeply committed to the development and marketing of Maine seaweed, and is establishing itself as a leader in seaweed skincare products for worldwide markets.

In conclusion, this presentation will shed light on the tremendous potential of seaweed in skincare and highlight Planet Botanicals' dedication to incorporating seaweed to create effective and sustainable skincare solutions.


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