Seagriculture USA

11 - 12 September 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Lessons learned marketing seaweed products in the U.S.

Mike Blakeley, Founder & Director, Seagreen Insights, USA

About speaker:

Mike Blakeley founded Seagreen Insights based on his belief that seaweed is one of the most important biomasses for our future. He has a deep understanding of ocean value chains having founded and managed his own seafood company that exported products to markets in Japan, the U.S. and Europe. 

Mike received his MA in International Policy Studies before going to work for an international consultancy that advised governments on trade policy and industry promotion. Among his many achievements in this role was the management of a Hong Kong-based industry trade group that served the world’s largest apparel brands. He also ran a program in Morocco that led to several food products breaking into the U.S. consumer packaged goods (CPG) markets. 

Mike has had previous roles in the private and nonprofit sector and has served on the boards of multiple organizations. Most of all he loves the ocean, is an experienced paddleboarder and is passionate about the Blue Economy.


Seagreen Insights is a 501c3 public benefit organization. Our mission is to accelerate investment and innovation in the seaweed sector by raising consumer awareness. We work to expedite the information exchange between consumers and producers of seaweed-derived products through best practice communication tools and custom designed programs, while pulling insights from consumers that can assist in product development and innovation. Our theory is that increased awareness and appreciation of seaweed will create more demand, investment and innovation, facilitating growth of the sector.


The presentation will share highlights from Seagreen Insights recent study on lessons learned marketing seaweed products in the U.S. market. This is the first research that captures and shares the actual steps producers are using to have success in selling various seaweed-based products in the U.S. market.