Seagriculture USA

11 - 12 September 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Alaska mariculture insights

Nitzan Unger, Senior Project Manager, Hatch Innovation Services, Norway

About speaker:

Nitzan Unger is the Senior Seaweed Project Manager at Hatch Innovations Services, part of the Hatch Blue company. He is dedicated to developing and expanding seaweed projects according to Hatch's aspiration to grow and drive the seaweed industry further as a significant factor in pushing the Blue-Green Circle Economy to the next level.  Climbing up from the production floor to managing complex international projects, Nitzan has gained a holistic perspective over the entire aquaculture value chain and specializes in streamlining production processes, implementing new emerging technologies, and developing advanced protocols for better sustainable practices. After completing his bachelor's in Marine Biotechnology, Nitzan joined the biggest aquaculture company in Israel, gaining extensive hands-on experience throughout the entire seafood supply chain. During his work and a part of his master's research, Nitzan tackled the topic of the aquaculture & fisheries pollution of the marine environment and implemented his conclusions at his company. Nitzan furthered his skills by consulting international companies and startups in the aquaculture and agriculture sectors. Together with Hatch's partners and business clients, Nitzan's team focuses its efforts on identifying the current major bottlenecks in the industry. Using their expertise and widespread information from the Global Seaweed Markets Report, Hatch Innovation Services aims to make this knowledge useful, accessible, and scalable.



Hatch Blue is a global venture and advisory company dedicated to supporting sustainable aquaculture innovation and development. They are located in Norway, Singapore, and Hawaii. Hatch Blue is a knowledge-based, privately owned company that encourages forward thinking and increases investment and knowledge sharing in the global aquaculture industry. 

Hatch Innovation Services functions as Hatch's highly specialized aquaculture advisory arm, providing deep market insights and supporting innovation and technology across the entire aquaculture value chain. As authors of the ‘Global Seaweed Market Report’, commissioned by the World Bank Group, and seaweedinsights.com, HIS provides valuable knowledge on both supply and demand markets for the seaweed industry through a combination of extensive in-field surveys in major seaweed producing regions, market research on seaweed applications, and assessments of the ecosystem services seaweed can provide.


The seaweed and oyster industries are expanding across various regions globally, with Alaska emerging as a key area for restorative aquaculture development. Southeast Conference Alaska (SEC) and Hatch Innovation Services (HIS) are pleased to announce a partnership that will result in a first-of-its-kind detailed overview and a continuous interactive platform to highlight the technological landscape of Alaska mariculture production. Based on extensive field study and research, this platform will provide comprehensive insights into production, identify technical challenges, and highlight opportunities for technological advancements. It aims to be a valuable resource for stakeholders throughout the mariculture industry, offering a rich repository of first-hand information.