Seagriculture USA

11 - 12 September 2024

Ketchikan, Alaska, USA

Theo Verleun, CEO, GOA-Ventures BV, The Netherlands

About the speaker:

Theo Verleun's key competences are embedded in 35 years of experience in a.o. executive roles in several industries including; biotechnology, enzymology and fermentation especially targeted at food, renewable energy and animal feed markets. 

While at DSM, Theo Verleun held a position at the DSM innovation centre and was a.o. sales & marketing director for the biogas sector as well as the global industry manager for food and specialty enzymes. Earlier in his career Theo worked at Brenntag as a European business development manager for the fossil fuels and gas industry and before that at Genencor, Gist-brocades, Pharmacia (Uppsala, Sweden), Electro-Nucleonics (ENI, USA) and Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands). 

Since 2017 Theo Verleun has owned and managed GOA-ventures BV a seaweed bioprocessing company, based on technical expertise out of a.o DSM. In GOA ventures we focus on cascaded value extraction from FRESH processed seaweeds a.o. functional food grade protein and bio-polymer for cosmetics market after which the remaining carbohydrates are to be converted to renewable energy such as biogas or animal feed, bioplastics or soil-improvers.

"Hope to work with all of you in seaweed market to do good for Mother Earth."



GOA Ventures delivers new, functional protein and alternative energy in one process flow.

GOA Ventures is a young company dedicated to the development of breakthrough technology in macroalgae (seaweed) valorization. GOA aims to upscale seaweed for a meaningful environmental impact. They strive to be the best scalable solution for sustainable seaweed valorization.